Karen Cherry for Duncanville,

City Council District 4

Committed To Helping Duncanville Thrive

Economic Development

Supports matters regarding quality infrastructure, growth, safe neighborhoods, housing values and maintaining high quality police and fire departments.

Continuing Education

Supports post-secondary education options, including vocational-technical schools and adult education and continuing education programs accessible to all adults in the city of Duncanville.

Community Wellness

Supports access to affordable and high-quality physical and mental healthcare services for Duncanville residents.

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Karen Cherry

Standing With Duncanville

Ms. Karen Cherry is a proven leader and visionary ready to help the City of Duncanville thrive as a City Council Member.

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Duncanville City Council, District 4

No. 1 on Ballot

Early Voting Begins April 25 - May 3, 2022

Official Voting Day: May 7th


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Karen Cherry

A Resident of the great city of Duncanville campaigning for City Council, District 4.


Early Voting Dates

April 25th - May 3rd

Election Day

May 7, 2022

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